Historic Building Recording and Archaeological Consultancy


Mayfield provides independent and commercially pragmatic advice to clients who require specialist support in buried archaeological remains and historic buildings.

Working throughout the UK, we offer a comprehensive range of services based on experience in both the private and public sectors.
Our service is tailored to the individual needs of our clients, offering a flexible and responsive approach to the specific circumstances of each project.
Our aim is to provide a comprehensive consultancy and contracting service, with an understanding of client needs and aspirations at the core of our approach to facilitating development.

We cannot make conservation issues disappear, but we often find novel and innovative solutions to minimize pre-determination costs and time delays during the main contract phase.

What we can promise, is up to date affordable advice based on a sound understanding and experience of managing cultural heritage issues within the planning process.

However, to enable us to be at our most effective you need to seek early advice, consider this:

“I’ve lost count of the number of developments I’ve been involved in since archaeology came under the planning umbrella in 1990. Most have included pre-determination works but in my view most could have been conditioned since there was sufficient information available to enable an informed planning decision.

This isn’t to say that these works were necessarily unwarranted; it’s a matter of timing. If time is ticking on your option, the last thing you need is three months adding to the programme and an additional 60k in up-front cost for [archaeological] evaluation with the possibility of refusal.

The trouble is, developers all too frequently consult with local authorities before seeking independent advice. When premature decisions are made, these often gather sufficient momentum so that by the time a consultant is brought in, the course is either set or increased fees are incurred getting back on a sensible track”

Simon Johnson   
Managing Director


If you would like a quotation or wish to discuss the implications of a particular project, call 01246 – 232 335 now.

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