Historic Building Recording and Archaeological Consultancy


Planning guidance includes a presumption for the physical preservation of nationally important remains. It thus follows that the presence and importance of any remains on a site are material to obtaining permission for any development.

The cost of archaeology is also an issue and, whilst rare, can effectively sterilise a development site where the cost of dealing with the archaeology outweighs the potential profit of redevelopment.

In both cases, the key to an informed decision is understanding the known and potential archaeological issues.

We have experience of dealing with all the major cultural periods from the Old Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution on sites from the south coast in to Scotland and from Norfolk to Wales. This ensures that we have sufficient breadth of experience, both by period and geographical location, to assess the relative value of buried remains.

This enables us to formulate robust and credible supporting statements for your applications and advise on the likely requirement, scope and cost of evaluation and mitigation works.


Where there is insufficient information to inform a planning decision then some form of evaluation will be required. This may be a desk-based assessment where all the readily available cartographic, historical and archival information around a site is collated and assessed to indicate the potential of a site to contain archaeological remains and model their potential significance.

Other evaluation methods include aerial photographic survey, geophysical survey, earthwork survey, field walking, terrain modelling, trial trenching etc. etc.

We can guide you through the various methods available, suggest which ones are the most suitable and cost-effective for your site, and negotiate the detailed methodology with the local authority.

There is also the question of timing. This is a complex issue and depends on a number of circumstances, including:

Do you wish to obtain permission and sell the site on?
Will you develop the site yourself?
Which is more critical, time or money?
Do you own the site, or just an option?
Do you wish to negotiate the cost of archaeology off the purchase price?
Are you seeking the site to be allocated?
Are there any significant policy hurdles to overcome?

The answers to these questions and more all affect the approach we would advise to dealing with buried remains; by understanding your constraints and desired outcomes, we will devise a tailored scheme to help you achieve those goals and minimise your archaeological risk.

We offer:

-initial consultations
-desk-based assessments
-Environmental Statement Cultural Heritage chapters
-design, negotiation and implementation of evaluation programmes
-design, negotiation and implementation of mitigations works    including excavations and watching briefs
-mitigation strategies
-applications for Scheduled Monument Consent